Apartment Features

Main entrance door: Teak chambol frame & shegun shutter, Metal door chain, Check viewer, Solid brass door knocker, Decorated handle.

Internal door: Flush door (Single Shutter), Strong and durable mehogoni frame, Superior quality mortise lock.

Floor: Floors tiles (Homogeneous RAK or X-Monica (24”x24”)

Window: Sliding aluminum section.

Painting: Smooth finish high quality plastic paint (Berger or equivalent) on interior walls & ceilings enamel paint on grills.

Bathroom features: Exhaust fan provision in all toilets. Plastic doors, Mirror & provision of overhead lamp in front of wash basin, soap case, towel rail, toilet paper holder. Single shower in each bathroom. Suitable tiles on floor and wall up to ceiling in each toilet.

Kitchen features: RAK/Fu-wang brand tiles on floor (12”x12”). Wall tiles of 7 feet height (8”x12”). Concrete platform work top along the sink line. Provision for gas burner. Double burner gas outlet over the platform to support burner. One stainless steel sink with mixer. Exhaust fan provision.  


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